Saturday, February 26, 2011

STAR WARS 30th Anniversary Coin Collection: Final Batch

Presenting the final batch of my 30th Anniversary Coin Collection. As mentioned, it's been a long, hard journey to collect all 60 coins in the set. Many thanks to the many friends who carried or collected or accompanied me on my search that led to my having to cross several international borders. Thanks go out to my wife, Rochelle, my brother Joseph, my best-friend Amalia, Lisa Gokongwei-Cheng, Alvin Jimenez, Karen Caparros and to all the other unsung heroes out there who helped me. Now a short pause..... Okaaay! We begin this final trek with a psychotic Protocol Droid unit. Yes, this is what happens if ever someone like C-3PO goes crazy and embarks on a life of Crime. #41 4-LOM is a bounty hunter and captain of the Mist Hunter. He's a LOM series droid - a series meant to compete against the more popular 3PO unit. 4-LOM was seen in the Executor in Empire Strikes Back holding his trademark Blastech W-90 Concussion Rifle before being sent out to hunt down Han Solo. 

#42 is the McQuarrie Concept Snow Trooper. Of note here is just how large their heads are. Especially after removing the front mask. Also of note is the fact that his fingers are bunched together in his gloves - hence producing only two digits - or hinting that McQuarrie meant the original Snow Troopers to be humanoid but not quite human.

#43 are two Ewoks from Return of the Jedi: Romba & Graak. You have to love the detail that went into these little guys. Romba, the smaller guy with the spear can actually pull out that tiny little knife from his belt. He's also the Ewok in Return of the Jedi who says "Patay" (Filipino for Dead) while checking on a fallen comrade.

#44 is Tycho Celchu. Tycho is one of the few pilots who survived the attack against the Death Star in Return of the Jedi. He was originally an Imperial Starfighter pilot who was talking to his family on Alderaan when Moff Tarkin decided to blow it up. Recruited into Rogue Squadron by Luke Skywalker, his X-Wing was too damaged to participate in the Battle of Endor. So he ended up piloting an A-Wing in Green Squadron. When the Death Star's shields went down Tycho's A-Wing can be seen chasing after Wedge Antilles' X-Wing and the Millennium Falcon as they dive into the Death Star's guts. When Wedge orders the fighters to split up to increase their odds of getting through to the core, Tycho is seen breaking away from the group. He's an interesting figure because of the high-detail and the skull-cap that A-Wing pilots prefer to wear under their helmets. For some strange reason though, he cannot wear both at the same time.  

 #45 is the Jedi Spirit of Anakin Skywalker. Purists of the original trilogy are familiar with this image taking the place of British actor Sebastian Shaw (No relation to Marvel's Black King) at the ending of Return of the Jedi. What's so funny about this particular action figure is that the "Spirit" comes with a very solid un-lit light-saber.
# 46 is R2-D2 trussed up by Ewoks as seen in Return of the Jedi. This figure combines well with Graak and Romba

# 47 is the McQuarrie Concept of Han Solo. Han Solo was originally meant to be - believe ir or not, a Jedi. Think of him as a pirate version of Obi-Wan Kenobi.
#48 is the ghostly hologram of Darth Vader - not much to say here. 

#49 is a Clone Trooper from the 7th Legion - Clone troopers under the command of Jedi Knight Aalya Secura. They gunned her down when Order 66 was sent. 
# 50 is a Clone Trooper from the Hawkbat Battalion which is a Battalion within the 101st Regiment which is a part of the 7th Legion. 

#51 is R2-B1. He's one of the R2 units aboard the Naboo Royal Starcraft along with R2-D2 that leaped out to repair the ship while it was pushing its way through the Trade Federation Blockage in Espisode 1. He didn't make it.
#52 is a typical Naboo Soldier - who looks kinda Russian.

#53 is a Rebel Vanguard trooper with a really, really big gun
#54 is Pax Bonkik - a mechanic seen in the Boonta Eve Podrace in Episode 1

# 55 eluded me for years. He is the final piece that I just recently got through a chance visit to Greatstoreonline's warehouse. I found him rotting near the floor on the bottom-most shelf of their Star Wars collection: # 55 is Clone Trainee.

#56 is Padme Amidala as seen in Episode II when she was our dating Anakin Skywalker while "hiding" on Naboo. The figure comes with a removable stole and is one of the sexier Star Wars figures in the market.

#57 is the bounty hunter Jango Fett in a poncho
#58 is the Shistavanen wolf-man Jedi Master Voolvif Monn. Not much is know about Master Monn after his exploits in the animated series. His death or survival of Order 66 has yet to be revealed. 

# 58 is a very interesting Droideka which includes a shield. Funny part is that the shield has slots that indicate that it can attach to something - but there isn't anything that you can attach it too. Given the chance, I'd get another one just to see what a fully shielded Droideka would look like.

#60 and closing the collection is a McQuarrie Concept Rebel Trooper. He looks like a clam actually - or a dog that can't be allowed to scratch its ears. Can you imagine all the dust that gets funneled into that huge slit?

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