Saturday, January 29, 2011

Transformers Reveal the Shield: Optimus Prime & Megatron

Presenting: from the Transformers - Reveal the Shield line: Optimus Prime and Megatron. I came across this particular duo in SM Fairview. There was only one Megatron left so I had to grab the pair. This particular duo are in a line commemorating the return of the "Shield" to Transformers toys (Specifically movie line toys). This refers to the dark stickers that are common to most Transformers all the way from when the first line was released. When pressed or rubbed, these stickers reveal the emblems of either the Decepticons or the Autobots - therefore identifying the toy's allegiance. The movie-line Transformers did not have these stickers and now they're back. These "Legends" class figures each one cost PhP 325.75. They have yet to pop-up on the local E-bay, but another Legends-class from this line, Windcharger, retails there for PhP 700. 

Optimus Prime's transformation is reminiscent of the Classics/Takara Prime's transformation. Both have to swivel their stomachs around to reveal a more streamlined torso. Both have excess material on their arm areas. But unlike the Classics/Takara Prime, this Prime's excess material does not wrap around his forearm, leaving him with "Hatchet Hands" He also does not come with any weapon - which is a downer. Is it really too much to ask for his standard Ion Cannon? 

What's interesting about this sculpt is the extensions that keep his shoulders from touching his chest - like an extender or mount. The joint to transform him is there so you can actually push his shoulders back a bit as shown above. 

Another downer for this toy is the lack of articulation in the legs. While his actual legs are mounted on a ball joint allowing for great hip-action, his knees do not bend, nor can you reposition his feet. You can actually see the awkwardness of his feet when you transform him - you can see the indentation in his rear bumper.

Megatron is a tribute to his original classic cartoon design - both when transformed into a Luger, and while in robot mode. I'm sure by now you've spotted the first downer - the bright orange muzzle. Seriously when transformed Megatron is less than an inch and a half wide. Who's going to mistake this toy for a real gun? Why did they bother capping him with an orange muzzle? I don't know, but it's an eyesore. A bright eyesore.

Unlike Prime, Megatron retains the ability to bend his legs, he does however lose the ability to bend his arms - though because they are mounted on ball joints you can twist them around quite a bit. His feet are also not articulated.

When transformed, there is some loss of fidelity between what a Luger should actually look like - particularly when it comes to the rear of the gun - you'll note the huge gaping indentation where Megatron's hip is.

Overall, not bad for Legends class toys. They are fine representations of the cartoon toys. While they may not be perfect you only paid PhP 325.75 for them so what were you expecting? They are both still great additions to any collection - though honestly Megatron's orange muzzle will always bother me. Paint it when you can.

You doubt the awesome power of my pastel colored fusion canon!!!!???


  1. I got them for 150 pesos each today 7-29-2011. I was so happy when they had one Megatron left at SM Mall of Asia, that I picked up Optimus Prime too. I should have bought Star Scream too. I plan on painting Megatrons orange tip and barrel. I'd also like to paint Optimus Prime with more silver parts when he's in truck mode to look more like the Masterpiece version.

  2. You know? I'm not 100% sure, but I think the orange muzzle is an international standard to set to distinguish real guns from toys. Kinda stupid though.

  3. your lucky enough to grab an optimus prime bro. I got megatron and starscream at Php150 each, when i was about to get an optimus prime, all sold out, tried my luck in all Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us but no optimus prime available. Shheeeessh!

  4. Hang in there. Optimus pops up every now and then. I still see him hanging around. Last time I saw him I think was in SM Fairview or Trinoma.


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