Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan Calleja's Zeroman

I grew up with Jan Calleja. He was one of those really talented guys who always got his work displayed in the main lobby of Claret because he was just that good. Today he's one of the world's premiere Toymakers. Here's a great sample of his work, photos by Ian Pedarse - another Claretian whom I grew with.

Presenting: ZEROMAN - 1st of the DOGFIGHTERS series by Jan Calleja. DOGFIGHTERS is inspired by WWII's fighterplanes. All are one of a kind 7 inch CELSIUS customs. ZEROMAN is inspired by the Japanese Mitsubishi Zero and will be paired with it's nemesis the MAD HELLCAT (coming soon).

His work is for sale so keep looking out for him at various toy and comic booth exhibits, or add him up on Facebook or check out his other works at FLicker

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