Thursday, January 13, 2011

Avatar AMP Suit: Part 2.

Over the holidays, my wife and I came across an AMP suit in Greenhills - the armed version, so I just had to have it. Aside from the fact that it would make a great addition to my collection, I'd be able to compare it with my original AMP suit. Quite honestly, both are great buys. I know some may argue that having a GAU-90 30mm machine gun ups the value of this AMP suit; the olive drab of this AMP (Hereto-with referred to as the SecOps AMP - because it was obviously used by the mercenary Security Operations Unit on Pandora) suit is predictable, cold and military. One might call the paint job cold and unimaginative. So the blue green with yellow tacking of my original AMP suit (Hereto-with referred to as the RDA AMP - because it bears the markings of the Resources Development Administration, the group responsible for mining Pandora) in my opinion is better because it bears more imagination and creativity.

Personally if I could remove the GAU-90 from the SecOps AMP, it would be in the hands now of the RDA AMP - which I will probably try one of these days.

As you can see the two are virtually identical with the exception of the GAU-90 and the paint job. The sad news is that you cannot removed the GAU-90 - as I had hoped. the rifle itself is loose, but the ammo belt is glued to the feeder atop the SecOps AMP's right shoulder and to an ammunition box at the back. I would have to find a way to remove it if I wanted - very carefully.

The downside to this image is that it doesn't look like that ammunition box holds much - remember that circular torso also houses the legs of the pilot. At best maybe another belt length of ammunition or two if we hollow out a portion of the center torso. Which explains a lot about the video game - which sucked by the way - where the AMP suits run out of ammunition quite quickly. It's definitely not built for sustained combat. I like the look though, very Matrix. If it runs out of ammunition though, the GAU-90 has a built in bayonet and what looks like a chain-saw implement slung underneath the main barrel. Unfortunately neither of these were used in the movie so we can stand to doubt their effectiveness. 

A lot of people will complain or strike the length of the ammunition belt from the shoulder feed to the GAU-90. And it is rather long. As you can see in the picture the belt is bunching up in the SecOps AMP's armpit. Unfortunately it's a feature of the toy to allot for people who may hyper-extend the arm. They wanted to make sure the belt was long enough.

But there's another catch! The problem with hyper-extending the arm is that the SecOps AMP can't properly grip the GAU-90 to begin with. Hell it can't even properly grasp the blade. Note how I had to wedge a piece of paper into the hand of the SecOps AMP so that he could grasop the GAU-90. Also not how large that gap is.

Further, despite having hand-holds, the SecOps left arm cannot reach forward to support or dual-wield the GAU-90. So it really is a single handed weapon.

The GAU-90 can launch a small spring-loaded projectile by the way, the firing button is at the top near the hand-hold.
Matt Trakker pilots my SecOps AMP. It looks like something he built anyway. But because of his chest armor, he's a tighter fit. 

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