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Transformers Energon: Omega Supreme

"Unyielding resolve has no conqueror

Presenting Omega Supreme from the Transformers Energon series. A friend noticed him standing at the back from a previous entry and asked who he was, so here he is. That's his motto above which is easy to say when you're so big.

This baby stands nearly a foot and a half tall (16 inches) and weighs in at 4.5 lbs making him easily one of the largest transformers I've ever owned. Like the G1 Omega Supreme, the Energon Omega Supreme has the signature visored head - although this one has two horns instead of one. This Omega Supreme also loses the tri-claw left hand in favor of a two claw hand;  and trades in the right hand cannon in favor of something that looks like it came out of a Macross movie.

Of course the biggest difference between the G1 Omega Supreme and the Energon Omega Supreme is the color. Half of this Omega is bright yellow, and the other half is Blue - which is a big clue that screams at you that this Omega splits in half.

Like the original G1 Omega, it's fully articulated and has a few hidden electronics and surprises to boot.

So lets see what it's made of. As previously mentioned, it obviously splits into two components:

Here he is clearly beside himself

Omega Supreme breaks cleanly in the middle - as if he was a tree struck down by a bolt of lighting from an unnamed thunder-god.

But it's not a completely clean break as there is a third component. Omega Supreme is a head-master - his head pops off and becomes a little Transformer of its own named Omega (Little guy to the left). "Sooooo Omega Supreme is nothing more than a shell? And the real Omega is that little guy whom (if you were a Decepticon) you can easily decapitate and stomp on?" Before you go on the warpath thinking that, Omega Supreme can actually operate without Omega, as the connector that allows Omega to combine with Omega Supreme can be pulled out and a small head pops up.  So this "shell" can fight on its own - albeit with a really small head that looks like something out of a whackamole game.

The Omega Battleship 

The "Blue" side of Omega Supreme transforms into a mini-version of the Space-ship Yamato - must be a very popular design. Transformed it has (of course) a main gun, two main elevating forward turrets, one forward missile launcher, one main elevating rear turret, and two fold-out - what I can only describe as - rain guns on either side. The detail also provides for several tiny anti-aircraft turrets on port and starboard clustered near the tower.

The two missiles in the missile turret are spring loaded and can be launched (It looks better without them)

A small dial on the port side allows you to turn the forward gun and missile turrets in sync (It also slightly elevates the two forward turrets). Pushing a little past the end of the dial, when the turrets are have turned 90 degrees to the port or starboard, activates a turret firing sound. You'll have to manually position the rear turret and fold out the rail gun for a full broadside from the Omega Battleship

A stud next to the dial activates the "main gun" firing sound and lights - which I can't really show in pictures.

Omega can also combine with the Omega Battleship for a nicer tower.

There is an Omega gun mode where the Battleship transforms into a pistol (or a cannon depending upon how big an autobot you are).

The Omega Train

I'm not really sure why they call it a train when it's a big mobile crane. After that, there's not much to say about it. It rolls. Has three smaller cranes on the "Train" part. Has the same fold-out rail guns as the battleship. Has a button that extends the Omega Train claw forward and back depending upon how you push it. But no electronics, no sound effects, etc. All of that is on the Battleship portion. Omega can combine with it, but all he does is hide within the translucent section at the back.

A bit of a waste considering that he has just as much room for additional perks and electronics as the Battleship side does. He also has a third mode - the Omega Crusher - though that's a really small claw and the G1 claw looked nicer.

Back to Omega Supreme.

For a big guy, articulation is pretty decent. I expected him to be able for his arms and legs simply up and down, instead we get some semblance of motion. He's kinda noisy though as almost all joints have that "Rachetting" sound.

Thanks to the "Blue" side, he also still has the sound effects from firing the main gun. The missile turret is removed from the sync movement of the forward turrets, but you can still move the dial to fire the turrets - though it seems strange that they don't fire forward.

Combined, the missile turrets sit on Omega's left shoulder and can be fired individually from there.

Omega Prime

And now the main reason why I have him: He combines with the Energon Optimus Prime. I've never liked the Energon Optimus Prime. Personally he looks like a reject application for a Bioman robot. Hell his components are numbered 1-4 with the truck being number 5. So when the Omega Prime hit the market, I just had to have him if only to hide how hideous the Energon Prime was.

I mean look at him! He has a pop-up helmet. In robot mode, alone, he's got a barrel chest and tiny arms and legs. Combined with his "Components" he can barely move. Making him stand up is difficuly. And he opens his chest up so that people know where to shoot him.

Definitely the shame of my collection. Happily the nice body of Omega Supreme hides all these defect and he does fit in nicely with Omega. Omega Supreme has more articulation than the Energon Prime after all.

Simple transform Prime into Truck mode, but leave his head out, open Omega Prime's back door (Not that back door you pervert):

Add Prime's components, pop out the missile launcher, and you have yourself, Omega Prime

Okay, to a certain extent I have to admit Prime actually makes it look worse and he looks better simply as Omega Supreme, but it does make Prime look cooler than he did originally.

Omega Supreme was released way back in 2004 and is now a collectors item that retails today on Amazon for US$ 250 (Around 11T Philippine Pesos). On Ebay Philippines it retails for around PhP 7,500 to PhP 8,000. I do believe I got this particular Omega Supreme for around PhP 4,500 loose.

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