Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spring Cleaning with Pond's Clear Solutions

It is an unfortunate reality that eventually you wake up and realize that you're out of display space for new toys. So even if it's sad, you have to choose which toys get taken down, cleaned, sealed in plastic sandwich bags and put into storage till the day comes when you win the lotto and have a museum to display them all.

Another sad reality is that, unless you're rich enough to have a sealed display case, that dust will come to your toys, and that dust will stick and thicken as time goes by. Take this sample here of a DC Isis figurine whose white uniform is practically covered in filth:

If you encounter this, you'll find that the dust tends to be sticky, a draw back of living in a humid climate. Normally a damp cloth would be enough to clean your toys, but sometimes the filth is just too much and you feel like giving your toys a bath with soap and water.


You won't initially see it, but you're damaging your toys. Soap is harsh. Over time, the soap will start to eat into the paint of your toys and vibrant colors - especially metallic ones will start to fade.

So what do you do?

I actually found a solution out of pure boredom one time when I reached out and started reading my wife's cleansing products while in the grocery. I encountered an anti-aging product called Pond's Clear Solutions. I rationalized that if it was good enough for the sensitive skin of women, it would be good enough for toys. At the back Pond's Clear Solutions claims to be "Formulated with soft but hard-working beads, this product digs deep down to clear away the key causes of acne breakouts. It contains an anti-bacterial agent to help against acne formation from the bacteria. Dirt, oil and make-up are removed from deep inside your pores. Skin is thoroughly cleansed as dead skin is gently ex-foliated, leaving you with a brighter and visibly clearer complexion"

I didn't take any chances and diluted the gooey substance in water - roughly 1 to 100 parts. And I've been using it as a cleansing product for the better part of a year now with absolutely no discoloration and... well "leaving me with a brighter and visibly clearer" toy.

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