Friday, November 5, 2010

Halo: Reach Warthog

From the game Halo: Reach, and technically all other Halo games before that, the fighting workhorse of the UNSC, the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle, AKA the Warthog.

Released here in the Philippines in late October, the Warthog is very simple to assemble, just snap on the mounted M41 Anti-Aircraft gun into the slot in the back and you're ready to go: No beeping noises, no self actuation, no sound effects or blinking lights, and definitely no pop-out weaponry (This is not the Batmobile).

So to be technically accurate, this is not a toy, this is a replica. The only parts that move on the Warthog are the free-flowing, individually mounted/suspended wheels - which also provides a degree of shock absorbtion - the steering wheel and the pivoting M41.

But the detail is simple exquisite:

It's a very sturdy replica. No cheap plastic here and it is both quite heavy and as tough as it looks. If you break it, you must be a very bad boy.

The Warthog seats three (1 driver, 1 gunner, and 1 riding shotgun. You're free to pack in more and have them hang on for dear life) but doesn't come with any individual figures, however the figures of Halo: Reach (Sold Separately) do fit in nicely - including the big-boy, Jorge.

Please take the time to note the difference between Jorge's M247H Heavy Machine gun (featured here) and the M41 Anti-Aircraft machine gun that all Halo Players have, at one time or another, lugged around. Jorge's Heavy Machine gun only has one barrel and is much, much shorter - not that size matters.

Here's my video review of the Warthog


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