Monday, November 1, 2010

UNSC Special Warfare Command Group Three

Presenting elements of the UNSC Special Warfare Command Group Three (AKA Noble Team):  (L-R) Warrant Officer Emile-A239 (Noble Four), Lieutenant SPARTAN-B312 (Noble Six), and the big-boy Chief warrant Officer Jorge-052 (Noble Five). Spoiler: By the end of the video game, Halo:Reach, all three are dead - including, well... you since you'll be playing Noble Six.

Emile is the Noble's resident Wolverine. He sports a shattered EVA (Extra-Vehicular Activity) faceplate sculpted to resemble a death's head. Personally I think he looks like a thin Atlas (If you play battletech, you'll know what that is). Quite frankly, his faceplate is a poor replica of the one in the video game. He also sports heavily modified armor - which we'll talk about later - and a kukri (curved knife). Now before you start wondering what a Spartan is doing with a blade, Halo: Reach has a new "Assasination" feature where knives play an integral part. Spoiler: Emile lives and dies by the blade.
Noble Five: Jorge. He's big. A walking tank. You can't play him in the video game, but! You can use him for cover. I've seen him take a plasma grenade on Legendary setting and he was still there afterwards. He's a freakin wall so it pays to stay behind him. He walks around carrying a M247H Heavy Machine gun - not to be confused with the tri-barrel AIE-486 Heavy Machine gun commonly found on the back of Warthogs or mounted on tripods around previous Halo games.

Emile's action figure comes with the aforementioned kukri blade and his primary weapon, an M45 tactical shotgun. Note that he carries several grenade shots on his armor, his secondary weapon (Not included with the action figure) is a grenade launcher. The only extra ammunition visible for his shotgun are attached to his right forearm.
Of note to his armor is the addional plating not found with the Noble 6 action figure and the Kukri blade sheath. Unfortunately, no, the blade cannot be placed into the sheath.

Emile also comes with a removable fragmentation grenade and what looks like two smoke canisters bound together that also fits onto pegs onto his back.

Jorge is bulkier, bigger and heavier than Noble Six and Four. He tends to be a bit top heavy and hard to balance, what with the backpack and the machine gun. I wish he came with a stand. The package claims 26 points of articularion just like Noble Six and Four.
The Heavy Machine gun can be mounted onto the ammo back pack that he sports. He doesn't come with any grenades.

The Heavy Machine gun can be mounted onto the ammo back pack that he sports. He doesn't come with any grenades. His hands are also bigger and there is some difficulty fitting his right hand into the firing slot.

Noble Four and Six are currently available at Toy's R Us and retail for PhP 999.75. However, they were having a sale last Friday (Oct 30) so I got Jorge at 10% off, or PhP 899.75.

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