Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sigma Six Rolling Operations Command Center

Purchased complete on EBAY for PhP 4,000 in 2008

The centerpiece of my G.I. Joe collection: The Sigma Six Rolling Operations Command Center (ROCC). The ROCC made its first appearance in the Sigma Six cartoon where it served as the mobile headquarters for the small, elite G.I. Joe team. If you follow the series, you'll note that there is some discrepancy with the size of the actual vehicle. In the cartoons, the ROCC sometimes grows or shrinks to fit the demands of the animators. At one point it even housed the RHINO (Rapid Heli-Integrated Neutralizing Offense) which clearly this cannot.

Note the hard-point on the passenger side of the cab, like most G.I. Joe Sigma Six vehicles, the ROCC can have other weapons mounted on the vehicle.

The built in gunner's pod can be repositioned forward or aft.

And the cab's speed cowl can be turned to reveal an 8-pack missile launcher. These missiles fire and there are only 4 discretes. Pressing one of them will only fire one missile, you have to press the discrete again to launch the missile underneath it.

Here we have the cab and trailer separated.

And the missle launcher can be tilted back to give the free-wheeling cab more stability - note how the wheels are positioned in the back, so she's front heavy.

The cab section flips open and fits three in the front and two in the back. A sixth person can be stand in an observation/gunner's post that is visible behind Junkyard. The vehicle originally came with a figure named Long Range - who's really ugly, so I have Grandslam driving instead.

The trailer opens up to reveal a repair bay, command center and a launchable stealth fighter playset which is a definite homage to the Sigma Six cartoon, buy waaaaay smaller (AWE Striker, Armadillo and additional figures not included :) ).

The rear portion becomes a well defended wall as the gunner's station can be repositioned out.

The sticker-driven command center is quite quaint, but note how space is a premium. The chairs can swivel, but some of them cannot swivel very far or are easily blocked.

The repair bay is small. It comes with a poseable robotic arm with a spring powered clamp that can hold on to small items.

Yes, it's a third detacheable vehicle, the stealth jet. The stealth jet fits one and has hard points should you wish to attach weaponry. Note the positionable elevator that Barbeque is standing on.

Here's my video review of the ROCC


  1. this is cool. I wish I could still find one like this hehehe

  2. Occasionally one or two of them pop up on E-Bay - which is where I got this one. You just have to keep watching :)

  3. I have to stop lurking around your site, man. It's making me want to start collecting Joes again. :'(

    1. Wait! There's more to come. I'm shooting my H.A.V.O.C. :)


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