Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halo Reach: Noble Six (Lieutenant SPARTAN-B312)

Purchased Oct, 2010
PhP 999.75 at Toys R'Us

I didn't really enjoy the video game because of the ending - though you get a hint of it at the start (I really don't understand why video game developers think that players want to die in the end). Anyway, here's the avatar of one of John 117's brothers who you can play - and customize (hell you can even make the brother a sister in the video game) in the Halo prequel: Halo Reach. He's the first in a series released by McFarlane ( for the video game. Series 1 includes custom Spartans and some of the other Spartans that you can see - but not play - in the video game (Emile and Jorge).

He comes with a steel finish, a battle rifle and one frag grenade. He stands six inches tall and sports the Mark V (B) Spartan power armor which can be upgraded in the future given the presence of upgrade mounts and the popularity of customized armor in the video game.

He's refered to in the game only by his designation, Noble 6 - or by his rank: Lieutenant and comes with 26 points of articulation - though none of his joints move very far.


Yes! A Warthog that can seat Spartans! Come back on November 4 when the Dark Lord's Dungeon opens for full operations for the review on this wonderful toy.

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